Thursday, 27 February 2014

Very Late Valentines Post

I know I know, Valentines day was weeks ago, so apologies for the delay!

Anyway, here's a few photos of what I got up to that weekend...

- It was crazy windy! -

I've been determined to go to The Underground in Falmouth ever since I found out it had transformed from a bar to a burger restaurant. Everything about it is amazing; the retro American interior, the 50's/60's music, and, most importantly, the food! I decided to go for The Big Porkie (beef burger topped with BBQ pulled pork) and then shared a Banoffee American Toasted Waffle with my friend. If you love great burgers then this is the place to go! I know I'll definitely be visiting again!

 - Rocky Road cupcake! -

 - Made a friend in the cafe -

Sorry again for the late post, I've been very busy with uni work, but I promise I will try to post more often! 

Hope you're all having a lovely week! :)

Love, Beth xxx


  1. Ahh the rocky road cupcake looks delicious! Sounds like you had a lovely day :) xx

    1. It tasted just as good as it looked! :) xxx

  2. beautiful impressions!!

    x Maria
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    featuring the perfect high waist jeans

  3. Love your blog! All the food looks so delicious and now my stomach's growling haha

    Tamsin |

    1. Aw thank you! Haha it was amazing! xxx

  4. Wow that food looks absolutely incredible!

    Hannah x