Monday, 17 August 2015

Bed Sheet Dresses Are The Way Forward

Naughty naughty Beth, abandoning her blog for 2 weeks...

I do apologise, I was away working at a festival last weekend, but to be honest that is hardly an excuse as I was only away for 5 days. Truth is, I've just been lacking blogging inspiration. I had so many plans for my summer posts, but most of them required sunny weather, and England just hasn't been on it with the summer weather recently - sun, where have you gone?? I was also very excited about writing a baking post on macarons, however, having never made macarons before, I highly underestimated just how tricky they are to make. Let's just say they were very sad macarons and not worthy to be viewed by the public, but I haven't been defeated yet! There will be a macaron post one day!

Anyway, rambley introduction done, I thought I'd do a very random life post today. Over the weekend, I was invited to a toga party - who says you can't relive university?? Admittedly, this was a toga party hosted by my parents' friends, so not quite as cool anymore... However, I love any excuse to dress up, and as I was promised to a four course Roman-inspired banquet, I did my Roman research and donned my best bed sheet.

For my hair, I was inspired by the always gorgeous Blake Lively's Roman / Greek-style up-do, and put my sister's hair styling to the test. She first curled my hair into ringlets, before putting it half up into a ponytail, and clipping the curls randomly up around and over the ponytail to cover it. I then used some gold sequin ribbon as a hair band, and curled some loose strands around my face. Lastly, spray spray spray that hair until it's rock solid and will not budge! Contrary to my grumpy face, I was actually very happy with my new hairdo.
Next, the outfit. Of course, a toga party costume would not be a true toga party costume unless it is formed out of a bed sheet. After watching many a Youtube tutorial on how to make togas out of bed sheets, I settled on this one and, after many attempts, was quite proud of my new dress! I then used some gold elastic as a belt, threw on some gold jewellery and gladiator sandals, and was ready for the banquet!
To Rome!

Have you ever been to a toga party?

Love, Beth xxx

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