Wednesday, 26 August 2015

London Cat Village, Shoreditch

I love exploring different places in London, and with so many new shops and restaurants constantly popping up all over the place, you're really spoilt for choice! However, sometimes you just don't know where to begin, and smaller, yet still special, places are often overlooked in favour of those more well-known. So for a quick and easy way to discover unique, quirky events and places, I recently downloaded the app YPlan. With hundreds of events all categorised into different groups, from events happening today and at the weekend, to date nights and music festivals, YPlan has it all covered. Simply sign up, find your perfect event and book your tickets! It's as simple as that. You can even save a bit of money with some discounts exclusive to YPlan. It's definitely one of my new favourite apps!
It has long been known that spending some time with some adorable little fluffy animals can drastically decrease stress levels and drastically increase happiness. It's why more and more universities are bringing in puppies to help students relax during the exam period. I love animals and you'll often find regular appearances of cute animal pictures and videos on my Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc. So when I saw YPlan offering entry for two into the new London Cat Village in Shoreditch for just £9, of course I booked straight away! A cafe full of little cats to play with? Sounds like my kinda place!
On a drizzly Sunday, Reiss and I made our way through Shoreditch and quickly found the cafe down a quiet side road, arriving around 15 minutes early. The host greeted us straight away despite our early arrival, and talked us through the house rules. With our wristbands attached, shoes off, fluffy pink slippers on, we walked through the little entrance gate and into an adorable forest-themed cafe, full of roaming cuddly creatures waiting to be stroked. 
As soon as we chose our seats, we were greeted by these two fluffballs having a little play. It's safe to say I was very tempted to scoop up Nunu the grey kitten and take her straight home with me, but I resisted.
After stroking many a cat, we decided to explore a bit more and headed downstairs where it was a bit less crowded. Our eyes were drawn to a cordoned off area in the corner, where we soon noticed some adorable little white kittens. I'm not ashamed to say I squealed a bit.
I don't think the babies appreciated mum leaving their little nest.
Although I could have happily spent the whole hour stroking the cats, it was time for lunch! Perhaps ordering a salmon sandwich was a bit risky considering we were surrounded by fish-lovers, however the cats behaved themselves and left us to eat in peace. Reiss went for something a little sweeter and opted for a huge slab of lemon cake, while we both washed our food down with some ice coffee, mine with caramel, his with vanilla. For someone who's not a huge fan of coffee, I just can't get enough of icy stuff at the moment! Overall, our food and drinks came to a total of just over £13.
Feeling happy and full, it was time to get back to our new furry friends. Alice was a little bit shy but couldn't resist having a play!
 Whilst little Misty ended up with just a few feathers in her mouth!
 It's a hard life being a cat...
Although I could have easily spent all day in London Cat Village, you are only allowed to spend an hour there. Understandable really, otherwise people (myself included) would never leave! So if you ever find yourself in need of a little feline therapy, head down to Shoreditch for a purr-fect break with some fluffy friends!

Have you been to a cat cafe before?

Love, Beth xxx


  1. Omg my type of place, i need to go to a cat cafe, wish they had one where i lived =]

    1. Definitely! You should take a trip to London :) xxx