Monday, 7 September 2015

September Goals

I always think of September as like a second chance at new years.

I guess that's a pretty common idea, what with the new academic year and all. When I was at school, as much as I dreaded the prospect of summer holidays coming to an end, I used to love the preparation for the new school year. Pencil case full of new stationary, new shiny school shoes, lovely new clean school books. Of course within a week they'd all be dirty. This time last year, I was preparing to go back to university and move into a new home. This is the first time in over 18 years where I'm not preparing to be off somewhere in September, and it's a bit of a strange feeling. Ever since finishing university, although I've been trying to keep busy being out and about as well as landing a new, albeit part-time, job, I'm scared I've got myself into a bit of a lull. I had so many plans for my summer, but I blinked and now it's suddenly September. I don't want that to be the story of my life, blinking and missing things. So, while I'm not starting a new academic year this September, there are a few things I want to change personally in order to build back my motivation, even if we are a week into the month. Being pro-active, yay!

1. Exercise more
I'll admit I've never been the most active person around, but I did used to go running and I had my pole fitness at university. Whilst I've joined a new pole fit class at home, as well as signed up to some yoga sessions, I haven't been moving around all that much. No wonder I've been feeling a bit unmotivated. This month I want to try and get back into running, as well as join some more local fitness classes. 

2. Eat healthy
To go along with the first point, health and fitness is made in the kitchen. I want to try out some new exciting and healthy recipes, particularly with my baking (I may have been slightly inspired by the sugar-free cakes on GBBO), as well as up my daily intake of fruit, vegetables and water. After all, now I'm getting older I have to start looking after myself!

3. Clear out
After moving back from uni and bringing all my stuff with me, my room's been full of boxes and my chest of drawers will no longer fit anymore clothes in. I've already cleared out a bin bag full of clothes since being back at home, but I clearly have not been disciplined enough. This month I want to empty some more space in my drawers, get rid of some boxes, and try and sell all those dust-collecting books from my degree.

4. New wardrobe
Yes, perhaps contradicting my previous point, but I have noticed more and more that my current wardrobe does not suit the style I want to be wearing. Now that I have a job, I need some more work appropriate clothes, as well as outfits that I'll feel good in

5. Wake up earlier
If I regret one thing from university, it's the mess it's made of my body clock. I know this is simply tackled with self-discipline, but once you get yourself into a routine, it isn't always that easy to get back out of it. However, I blame most of my lack of motivation and constant feeling of lethargy from too much sleep, so this month I am determined to kick the habit of all those long lie-ins.

6. Use phone less
The other day I was sitting on the sofa, tea in hand, scrolling through my phone as usual with the TV on as background noise. Suddenly, disaster happened. My phone slipped out of my hand and PLOP. Straight into my cup of tea. After giggling to myself in astonishment at both my clumsiness and the chances of my phone landing in my mug, I quickly swooped it out, dried it off, and assured myself I'd had a lucky escape. However, that evening I realised my phone wasn't charging, so the next day had to resort to using my old phone. Awful, I know. It's crazy how ancient phones from not so long ago seem. Anyway, I felt totally lost without the comfort of the current phone, and whilst I managed to finally get it to charge, I felt silly at just how uncomfortable I was without it. I have become much too dependent on my phone, so this month I want to limit myself to how much I use it daily, particularly to browse social media.  

7. Buy a diary
A pretty simple goal, I know, but with good reason. I used to think I didn't need a diary when I had a perfectly good organiser in my phone. However, following the previous point, when I couldn't use my phone and thought I'd lost all the details of my upcoming events, I realised I needed something that doesn't risk being wiped out if dropped in a cup of tea. Which is apparently a not-so-rare occurrence.
Do you have any goals this September?

Love, Beth xxx
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