Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Rainy Day Date

After a delicious and filling brunch at Joe's Kitchen (read the post here), Reiss and I headed out into the rain for our adventure-filled day at ZSL London Zoo! We didn't let the rain dampen our spirits though, as a rainy Monday meant an empty zoo, leaving us free to roam around without the queues. Although a lot of enclosures in the zoo are currently under reconstruction for 2016, including the lion exhibit, there's still plenty to see, from slow lorises and aye-ayes to adorable baby gorillas!

We first took shelter from the rain in the aquarium, and spent a good hour there alone taking photo after photo of beautiful marine life. The gorgeous, colourful coral reef tanks were definitely some of my favourites!
I found Nemo! He was in his a-nen-nen-ome all along!
Onto the Reptile House! The use of a kitchen setting for the turtle enclosure was pretty shocking, but definitely helped bring attention to their diminishing numbers due to the popularity of turtle soup. Educating and raising more attention surrounding man-made issues affecting the animal world is the best way to bring about change. 
Out into the rain to see some bigger animals! The giraffes had the right idea staying indoors whilst it poured down.

This magnificent heron was causing havoc in the otter enclosure!
Monkey time! I was so close to scooping this little guy up and taking him home with me. Just look at that moustache!
"How can I sneak him out without anyone realising?"
Watching the penguins swim and play around in the water is always a highlight at any zoo!
Of course you can't go to the zoo without saying "hello" to some of the little farmyard animals. Any chance to get up close and personal with the animals and I'm right there at the front trying to lure them over with a leaf. Not quite a foolproof plan, particularly with these smart goats, but they did allow me to give them a little stroke. Just call me the goat whisperer.

 That's the face of a girl who's in her goat element.
I love the effort that London Zoo puts in to educate and raise attention about diminishing animal populations, and whilst a lot of people have their reservations about keeping animals in captivity, I truly believe at London Zoo it's for a good cause and will only benefit their chance of existence in the future. I was particularly happy to see the new addition of the slow loris and aye-aye enclosures, especially the sensitivity towards their habitat needs. I think they are fascinating creatures and am so glad they are finally getting the help that they need and deserve.  

Tickets to London Zoo are currently at off-peak prices until 12 February 2016, so adult tickets bought at the gate cost £20.70, or £19.80 if bought online.

Have you been to London Zoo recently?

Love, Beth xxx


  1. I'm not the biggest zoo fan but I do recognize they have some benefits as far as conservation & research. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Definitely! Obviously it would be much better if these animals could be left safely in their natural environment, but sadly it's just too dangerous for most of them nowadays. Thanks for reading :) xxx