Wednesday, 3 December 2014

#NextmasWishlist Competition

The other day I was invited to take part in the #NextmasWishlist Competition held by Next, where the 5 best entries will win one item from their wishlist! As I recently just posted a Winter Home Wishlist, I'd already trawled through the Next website and seen numerous beautiful items that took my fancy, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to share some of them with you!

I absolutely love the home selection in Next, so I decided to again create my wishlist with the cozy Winter and Christmas theme in mind. However, many of these items aren't just limited to Winter; they would be the perfect addition to your home throughout the year!

1. Rustic Wood House Lamp - £22
It appears that I'm loving the house shaped items this year! I love the natural wooden texture of this table lamp, and it would be the perfect addition for those cozy Christmas nights in. 

2. Luxe Natural Faux Fur Cushion - £18
If you don't already know, I am obsessed with faux fur, so this one doesnt need much justification as to why I chose it. It looks so soft and fluffy, while the different tones makes it look more natural and rustic.

3. Egg House - £10
I actually saw this egg house used as decoration on one of the stalls at the Christmas Market I visited in Truro (mentioned here), but was disappointed when it wasn't on sale and left without knowing where it came from. So I was pleasantly surprised to see it on the Next website! It's a cute alternative for storing your eggs in ready to use for those homemade Christmas cakes!

4. Dog Calender - £12
I fell in love with this little scottie calender as soon as I saw it, and think I may go out and buy it for myself anyway! Not only is it absolutely adorable, but it also has the added bonus (in my opinion) of not having a fixed year, meaning it can be used again and again!

5. Squirrel Nut Bowl - £10
Nibbles are an absolute must on Christmas day to keep those rumbly tums satisfied until Christmas dinner, and what better bowl to have than one with an adorable little squirrel there to keep guard of your snacks? Cute and quirky and the perfect addition to the nibbles table!
1. Lambswool Rich Red Charcoal Check Throw - £45
Nothing says Christmas more than a red check pattern! It's been everywhere this year, especially in scarfs, so why not extend the pattern into your home? I love how warm and cozy this throw looks, and it would make any bedroom or living room look that little bit more Christmassy! 

2. Ceramic House Tea Light Holder - £8
You may have already seen this tea holder included in my Winter Home Wishlist post, but it wouldn't look out of place in your home during any other time of year! I love the detailing of the windows and paint, while the cute little saying across the front makes it that little bit more special.

3. Cattle Tapestry Cushion - £12
I actually saw this cushion in the Next magazine last year and fell in love with it (here's photographic evidence on Instagram to prove my love). There's something about highland cows and their funky hair that I find absolutely adorable! I can imagine this cushion blending perfectly into a Winter wooden cabin with fur throws and a crackling log fire.

4. Ditsy Double Oven Glove - £8
I love baking, and I love puns, so why not combine the two? While the festive red colours would help get you into the Christmas spirit as you bake those mince pies and gingerbread men, the floral design makes them suitable for any time of year!

5. Winter Rules Draught Excluder - £16
Obviously, winter means cold days and nights, and if you live in a big old house like me, lots of draughts! I love the typography on this draught excluder, while the little messages remind you of all the good things about the chilly season!

What's on your #NextmasWishlist? 

Love, Beth xxx

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