Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Hubbox, Truro

It's no secret that I love food. And I love going out to eat food. And as Falmouth is abundant with amazing restaurants, it seems almost silly that I haven't done any food reviews yet!

As my time in Falmouth is reaching an end at a terrifying speed (I prefer not to think about it too much...) I have created a list of all the food hotspots I would like to visit before I leave, and I am going to review them all for you right here on my little blog. Because if you ever find yourself in or near Falmouth, you're going to be spoilt for choice on where to eat, but hopefully my reviews can help narrow the options down for you!

There isn't much else that helps you get into the Christmas spirit more than a Christmas market, so when we saw there was exactly that in Truro last week, we were off straight away! With stalls upon stalls of locally made crafts, food and alcohol, there was plenty to look at and stock up on for those Christmas pressies. There was even a reindeer parade with a full brass band and Santa himself to top the Christmas festivities! With the air filled with the enticing aromas of hog roast, venison burgers and hot dogs, it wasn't long before our stomachs started rumbling (despite snacking on samples of chocolate, biscuits and brownies...). I had heard lots of good things about Hubbox in Truro, and after their move from a 30 foot outdoor shipping container to a converted church, I was keen to see what the fuss was about!
First things first, the church location is really something special! I hadn't visited Hubbox when it was in the form of the shipping container, however after walking past it several times it definitely looked unique! And thankfully the move hasn't lost that uniqueness. It's the perfect blend of modern and traditional, with the vibrant artwork on the walls and American style signs contrasting with the archaic exterior and stained glass windows.
After being warmly welcomed and handed our menus, we were amazed by all the delicious options on offer! From burgers of all sorts to equally impressive gourmet hot dogs to flavoursome BBQ briskets, needless to say it took us a while to decide! I eventually settled on tackling the Big Kahuna, a beautiful medley of 2 4oz. burgers, pulled pork, Swiss cheese, BBQ sauce and onion rings with hand cut fries, while my housemate chose the Hub Burger, a classic combination of a 7oz. burger with Swiss cheese, crispy smoked bacon and special Hub sauce, also with hand cut fries. Burger heaven.
- Big Kahuna -
- Hub Burger -
I will be honest, the sound of not one but two burgers in the Big Kahuna was a bit daunting, but it was so delicious I demolished the whole thing. Any burger with BBQ pulled pork automatically gets a thumbs up from me! The bun was definitely something to rave about too, like two briochey cushions. I don't know how Baker Tom does it, but I applaud him. The onion rings were top notch too, with a delicious crunchy batter. My only criticism has to be, sadly, concerning the hand cut fries. They had the crispy texture that I usually love, but it was inconsistent, instead seeming to have been scraped from the bottom of the fryer. But overall we were two very happy, very full, customers!

The most surprising thing about Hubbox has to be the amazing prices, with the cheapest burger costing a mere £4.95! The Big Kahuna was £7.95 while the Hub Burger was £6.95. The fries are not included in the price, but at a measly £2 a portion you're hardly breaking the bank! 

So if, like me, you're a huge burger fan, then Hubbox is definitely worth a visit (or two...).

Love, Beth xxx
 P.s. Apologies for the awful quality of my photos, it appears my phone camera cannot handle night photos! 

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