Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Halloween Pinspiration

It's that time of year again! Time for scary films, scary food and scary costumes. And another Halloween Pinspiration (check out last year's post here)! Unlike the previous three years, I haven't really got any plans for this Halloween, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Halloween party! It always helps to have a bit of inspiration, so of course I turned to Pinterest to round up a few Halloweeny ideas. If all else fails, I can always just dress up anyway and sit on the sofa watching scary films eating Halloween-themed baked goods on my own. #RAVE

This year I'm planning on keeping it fairly simple and going with the standard vampire get up. I love this bold vampy makeup, especially how the statement eye makeup enlarges the eyes. All I need now are some hypnotic contact lenses and we've got a truly striking vampy look!
This is very similar to the previous look, but I love the contrast between the creepy, Gothic makeup and the pretty, Romantic hairstyle. The detailing of the veins around the eyes and defined collarbones are also a very simple yet effective way to make the look more authentic.
For a pretty yet ghostly Gothic masquerade look, instead of buying a mask, simply paint one onto your face using some lace!
I love typically "pretty" costumes with a dark twist, and they don't come more twisted than this hooked mermaid makeup! If only I were more talented in the fake blood and gore department...
I've been loving all the Halloween treats I've seen floating around on numerous blogs recently, and I'm keen to make a few of my own! These blood-splattered biscuits definitely prove that sometimes less is more!
These pumpkin cookies are not only adorable, but they're pumpkin-flavoured too! Forget carving a pumpkin, I'll be concentrating on carving some cookies!
The ever-faithful chocolate chip cookie, with a twist! By using a cocktail stick to drag the melted chocolate, you have a super easy way to turn your favourite biscuit into something a little scarier!
What's better than a chocolate truffle? An adorable bat chocolate truffle, of course!
Using melted marshmallows as cobwebs? Clever! I can imagine this technique getting very messy though and I'll inevitably get sticky marshmallow all in my hair.
Gruesome... yet delicious!

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Have you been baking any Halloween treats? Comment below!

Love, Beth xxx

(Disclaimer: images taken from my Pinterest account, I claim no ownership)

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