Saturday, 9 July 2016

June Reflections

Is it July already!? How did that happen? I guess that's what working does for you, it makes you lose track of time and suddenly a whole month has flown by!

June was a pretty eventful month, which is surprising considering I was waitressing most of it. I went on holiday to Venice (catch up with the posts here), I caught up with friends, I went to a couple of festivals, and I even managed to get an internship in London! Not a bad month in my opinion...

So, did I meet any of my goals?

1. Get arty

I did manage to copy an inspirational quote which is now sitting proudly framed in my room next to my bed. Hopefully it will provide me with some morning motivation! I also tried to paint a picture of Venice, but it's a work in progress (i.e. I have given up on it). I think I'll just be sticking with the quotes for now...

2. Drive

Sadly this is something that I didn't get round to doing. Bad Beth. And now that I'm working 7 days a week I probably won't have time for any lessons. At least it will save me some money, right?

3. Rooftop bar

Again, I didn't manage to get on any rooftops. I did, however, go for drinks in a place that had a rooftop bar, but it was closed that day. Does that count?

4. Buy a summer jacket

I bought this cute jacket from New Look for just £24.99. It's keeping me warm during this pretty chilly summer, while not being too heavy for when the sun does make an appearance!

5. Go to a beach

Ok, so I didn't manage to complete most of my goals. But I did go to Venice which is by the sea so it's pretty much the same.

I'll try harder next month...

Love, Beth xxx

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