Saturday, 27 August 2016

San Marco

Gondolas aside, Saint Mark's Square is probably the most iconic image of Venice.

Standing in the square gazing up at Saint Mark's Basilica and the Camponile whilst hundreds of pigeons flying past will feel like you've stepped into a classical painting. Everything has been built with beauty and perfect composition in mind. It's an artist's dream.
Beauty comes at a cost though, and it is one of the most touristy areas of Venice. Avoid the peak hours of the afternoon (when the photo above was taken, busy even in the rain) and visit early in the morning and late at night to appreciate the square without being caught in someone's selfie-stick snap. We went there on a very sunny Wednesday at midday, and although it may look busy, this was one of the quieter times that we saw it.

There's no missing Saint Mark's Basilica standing majestically at one end of the square. You can pay to go inside, but as a tour group with a time limit. We concluded that going inside the Basilica would be more worth it without the pressure of the crowds, just another incentive to go back to Venice!
Besides, there's just as much to see on the outside.
Look out for the Torre dell'Orologio (clock tower) and the beautiful zodiac detail of the blue and gold clock face. It can be easy to miss if you enter the square from the archway beneath and forget to look up!
Walk around the corner to see Doge's Palace looking out over the lagoon.
And, again, be sure to look up.
It's difficult to avoid the pigeons. They're everywhere, flying over the crowds, dive-bombing dangerously close to your head. But don't worry, they just want to say hello.
 A peace offering of some bread will go far.
ATTACK! These are *very* friendly pigeons who will not hesitate to ambush you. They caught me a bit off guard, but they're really not so bad...
After all, they do say you should get to know the locals!

Love, Beth xxx


  1. Loving your Italy posts, makes me want to go so badly. I hope you had a wonderful time!

    Tabitha |

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad you like them! I could write so much about Venice, it has definitely made me want to explore more of Italy xxx