Saturday, 3 September 2016

September Goals

Well, this is serious déjà vu. It feels like just yesterday I was writing last year's September Goals...

Can somebody please tell me where August went? I just can't keep up with this year.

I've been a bit slack with these monthly goals but I won't lie, consistency isn't my thing. Some may call is unreliable, I call it keeping you on your toes.

But anyway, new month, new start. Let's try again with those set of goals.

1. Run

So now it's getting closer to autumn (I won't accept that it actually is autumn yet), I can't really use the excuse that it's too hot to go running. Plus my new untouched pair of multi-coloured trainers really do deserve to be seen. 

2. Socialise more

Woe is me, my social life has been suffering a bit because of constant work. But now I've got my weekends back I can finally organise some much needed catch-ups (and even more needed nights out)!

3. Bake

I haven't been baking nearly as much as I used to and I'm really missing it (and eating the results). Now that The Great British Bake Off has started again (cue mini celebratory dance) my longing for baking is bigger than ever. Plus, September is a year of birthdays, so I have a lot of birthday cakes to make!

4. Smile at strangers

Sounds creepy, but hear me out. Now that I have a full-time job up in London, I'm having to do the daily grind of commuting. One thing I've noticed about commuting is that, although the train is packed full of people, nobody ever exchanges a look, let alone a word. And the sad thing is, I can feel myself looking and acting just as miserable as everyone else on that train. So I'm going to make an effort to break the grumpy commuter stereo-type and smile at people more. On the train, in the street, in the office. I'm fully expecting people to not smile back, but who knows, maybe I'll help make someone else's commute just a little bit happier.

5. Weekend getaways

As I've only just started my new job, I'm not sure they would fully agree to giving me holiday time off straight away. So I'm planning on making the most of my weekends and using them to explore new places on some weekend getaways.  

What are your September goals?

Love, Beth xxx 

(Disclaimer: images taken from my Pinterest account, I claim no ownership)


  1. I'm definitely with you on baking. Ever since the GBBO started again I've just wanted to bake non-stop. I baked a banana bread the other day and fully enjoyed myself, so this is something I definitely want to do on a regular basis! I also want to keep up with scheduling my posts (without getting too stressed obviously) and making content I really want to make. Great post Beth.

    Tabitha x

    1. There must be something about banana bread, I made some the other week too! Thanks Tabitha, I look forward to reading all your new posts :) xxx