Friday, 22 August 2014

Travel Bucket List #1 // Paris
As soon as I've got enough money in my pocket, I'm off to travel the world. Or at least that's the dream! So to start adding some structure to this dream I've decided to make my very own bucket list of all the different places I want to see. I think it's going to be a long list...

At number one it has to be Paris! The lights, the culture, the romance... it's just beautiful! I'm told the best time to visit Paris is during spring, but I would love to see it around Christmas time, or more specifically, for my birthday! As I'll be celebrating my 21st birthday this December, nothing sounds more perfect than celebrating it in a city I've been wanting to visit for as long as I can remember. A girl can dream, right?!

Here are a few things on my Paris to do list:

1. Climb the Eiffel Tower

You can't go to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower! What better way to see the city than by climbing up to the top of the tower and looking down over it? I'd also love to see it sparkling like a Christmas tree at night, and during winter there's even an ice skating rink at the bottom!

2. Walk along the Seine

What could be more romantic than strolling along the banks of the Seine at night overlooking the quiet water and the lights of the city? With beautiful bridges like the Pont Alexander III and the Pont des Arts, there's so many beautiful sights to see along the Seine.

3. Explore the Catacombs

Hidden beneath the romantic idealisation of Paris lies the city's darker secret - the catacombs. I'm fascinated by the mystery surrounding the catacombs and it's dark history. Holding the remains of over six million people with walls created from bones, this is definitely a museum not for the faint hearted!

4. Act like a child at Disneyland

I'm still a big kid, so a visit to Disneyland is a must! I went there years and years ago with my family when I was very small, so I think it's definitely time I relive those childhood memories. Everyone loves Disney!

5. Visit a patisserie

Relaxing outside a patisserie or cafe with a good book and some French pastries... perfect!!

6. Walk down the Champs Elysees at night

It's no secret that I love fairy lights, or any kind of sparkly light for that matter, so a walk down the Champs Elysees at night during Christmas looks like my kind of walk. So...many...lights!!!

7. See the Moulin Rouge 

Ever since I first watched Bazz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge! I've been fascinated by all things burlesque (as well as all things Bazz Luhrmann... that man is a genius). I would absolutely love to see the building that inspired it all for myself!

In the wise words of Audrey Hepburn... 

- "Paris is always a good idea" -

Au revoir, mes petits pois!
Love, Beth xxx

(Disclaimer: images taken from either my Pinterest account or Google, I claim no ownership)


  1. Paris is always a good idea. Moulin Rouge part of town is a little sketchy and since you will want to see it at night make sure to have some people with you.
    xx, Jodi

    1. Yeah I've heard it can be a bit of a dodgy area, I definitely won't be going there alone! Thanks for the advice :) xxx

  2. paris was by far my favourite place I went to in Europe. It was so beautiful and I would definitely recommend walking down the champs Elysees in Winter when all the Christmas markets are at the bottom!

    1. That sounds magical, I love Christmas markets! Will definitely give it a visit :) xxx

  3. I love Paris!