Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday Smiles #9 // Cocktails and Presents!

This summer is going by so quickly it's scary! Sorry I've been a bit rubbish with my Sunday Smiles installments but it seems that I've either always been busy on Sundays or I've just lost track of the days! But anyways, here's what made me smile this week!

- Hot shower after camping - 

Anyone who's been camping understands the simple pleasure of a hot shower after days of feeling gross.

- Bed after camping - 

Again, anyone who's been camping understands the simple pleasure of a big cosy bed after days of sleeping on the ground in the thinnest sleeping bag known to man.

- Drinks with friends - 

Lots of my friends' birthdays are over summer so what better excuse is needed to catch up and have a tipsy gossip over some cocktails?!

- Charlotte OC - 

For one of my friend's birthdays we went to The Notting Hill Arts Club in Notting Hill (no shit, Sherlock) where we saw Charlotte OC perform. I had never heard of her before but she was just amazing live! Check out one of her songs here!

- Comfort food from mum - 

I was feeling quite down the other day so to cheer me up my mum left me a surprise of chocolate brownie and cookie mixes on the kitchen table. Easy baking and warm brownies always make me feel better!

- Present! - 

My boyfriend (who we shall call Mr R) recently returned from a week away in San Diego and surprised me with a little Californian present! He has good taste!

What made you smile this week?

Love, Beth xxx

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