Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Birthday Cookie Cake

Everyone loves cookies. Everyone loves cake. So why not put them together? Introducing the COOKIE CAKE. You may wipe that drool off your face now.

It was my bestie's 21st birthday the other day so of course I had to make her a very special cake to celebrate! Like me, she absolutely loves chocolate, but I wanted to make something completely different to the standard (albeit it yummy) chocolate cake. After lots of brainstorming and trawling through recipe after recipe, I finally found this cake on Pinterest and knew I had to give it a go!

Like with my banoffee cake, I decided to do a little bit of experimenting and mix up the recipe a bit. I followed the original recipe to make the 3 layers of cookie sponge (using hand chopped dark chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips), but decided to change the flavours of the icing while still keeping the Neapolitan colours. I chose to use this recipe for the bottom layer of chocolate buttercream icing, adding a bit more chocolate than asked for because, well, the chocolatier the better! I then changed the middle strawberry layer to a white chocolate and raspberry ganache following this recipe, and after the success of my banoffee cake, substituted the top plain buttercream icing with a caramel frosting. I decided to decorate my cake simply by placing pink, red and purple smarties around the edge and then filling the centre with a statement pile of chocolate curls in the same style as my banoffee cake (for good step by step instructions on how to make the curls, watch the video here).

 - So many chocolate chunks! -

This was the first time I've made something from Pinterest, despite having hundreds of recipes pinned on my Sweet Treats board, but I will definitely be making this cake again! It is the perfect combination of spongey and chewy and is packed full of chocolate chunks. It did take a while to make, made even longer by having to make 3 different types of icing (not helped by it taking 5 attempts to make a batch of caramel that hadn't burnt or crystallized) but it was definitely worth it. It is a real show stopper!

Happy baking! 

Love, Beth xxx

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