Thursday, 11 September 2014

ASOS Sales

ASOS always seems to have a massive sale on, especially over the summer, and I can literally spend hours looking through the pages and pages of clothes and accessories.

Weeks ago I finally made a decision on what to buy out of the many saved items lurking in my wishlist, and went a bit overboard, ordering a bit of a haul. Unfortunately when my big box of clothes arrived some of them weren't quite what I was expecting and just didn't fit me properly at all so had to be sent back, sad :( But on the bright side, at least I'll be getting some money back! Anyway, here's what made the cut!

I've been after some new sunglasses for a while now after my vintage sunglasses (vintage meaning my mum's old ones that I've highjacked) broke a little bit. I tried these on in River Island in a different colour and loved them, but for some reason didn't actually buy them, so when I saw the pink version in the ASOS sale for just £6 I had to have them! I originally wanted the "coffee" ones but they typically went out of stock just as I was about to pay, but the pink ones still look very similar. I love their 1950's style and they are so different to the sunglasses I usually wear. Summer may have basically ended but I can't wait to wear these when the sun comes back out!

- Faux Fur Funnel Snood - £6.50 -

One of my favourite things about winter fashion is the excuse to wear anything fluffy (all fake fur of course), be it coats, hats, jumpers, even onesies. I love how cosy snoods are and this one is no exception. It's so snug and warm and I can't wait to wear it when the chilly weather arrives!

Back to summer clothes again! I haven't really got a lot of fancy, dressy shorts in my wardrobe, so was intrigued by these statement high-waisted ones. I love the silky material as they add a note of elegance, while the pattern is so unique and really makes them stand out. They'd look great with a simple white crop top and could be worn both during the day and nights out for drinks or dinner.

Have you been taking advantage of any sales?

Love, Beth xxx


  1. I really love the skirt you've bought! It's so pretty and it's definitely something I would pick up :) Tabitha x

  2. Hello.
    I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. You can find more about it HERE
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  3. I love these sunglasses! The colour is beautiful :) Lizzie

    1. It's pretty, isn't it?! I only ever have black or brown sunglasses so makes a nice change! xxx