Wednesday, 1 October 2014

What I Bought Instead of a Birthday Present

Happy October! Isn't that crazy?! 

So as you may or may not have seen from my Birthday Cookie Cake post, it was my bestie's 21st birthday last month, so of course I had to try and find her the most fabulous, meaningful, significant birthday present. But instead I got distracted and bought lots of clothes for myself... don't judge me...
- Primark - £6.00 -

I've been in need of a new purse for a while now as my little old pink one was not nearly big enough for my huge stash of cash (I wish). This purse is ideal as not only does it have more than enough slots for all my various cards, but it also has a zip up pouch inside for loose change and a separate compartment fastened together by a metal clasp which is the perfect space for my hoard of old receipts and train tickets. I also love the detailing on this purse with the scalloped edge and the panel of intricate laser cut-outs. It's so pretty and classy, no-one would guess this is Primark!

- Primark - £9.00 -
Slouchy trousers are the perfect clothing for the transition from summer to autumn as they provide the coverage needed yet are airy enough to keep you cool. These ones are so pretty and unique, and I absolutely love the colours and detailed pattern. The material is incredibly comfy too and feels just like you're wearing pyjamas outside - perfect!

- Primark - £3.00 -

For the whole of summer I was after a maxi skirt but for some reason never actually got round to buying one. I was bit unsure about this one at first as I originally wanted a maxi skirt with a bright, block colour, but for £3 in the sale I couldn't really say no! The lace panel down the front of the skirt adds interesting detail and texture, heightening the boho feel. It would be perfect for any festival!

 - TK Maxx - £14.99 -
This was another item of clothing which I was unsure about, but with the persuasion of my trusty mum I decided to buy it anyway. And I'm glad I did! The wrap around front is super flattering (although for fairly busty girls like myself sometimes requires a safety pin to avoid any accidental boob flashing) while the tie makes the playsuit more casual. I was originally a bit hesitant mainly due to the brightness of the pattern, as it is not only a colour I never wear, but the pattern is also very bold. But the risk paid off and now I love having a different colour palette in my wardrobe, while the Hawaiian style pattern allows me to grasp hold of whatever summer we have left! 

- New Look - £5.00 -

So after exclaiming to my mum that I wasn't going to buy any more clothes I suddenly saw this skirt, and for £5 I couldn't really ignore it, could I?! I haven't got any A-line mini skirts in my wardrobe but I've always loved their old school style and think they're so flattering by creating the illusion of a super narrow waist. It is the perfect blend of the floral summer trend and autumnal neutral colours and heavy material, and looks great with both a white crop top or a big chunky knit cardigan thrown on top.

I know, I know, I'm an awful friend. But if it makes it any better I did end up buying an adorable little silver flower ring as the 21st birthday present which she absolutely loves, so I think I redeemed myself :)

Have you ever been tempted by clothes when you shouldn't?

Love, Beth xxx


  1. I love it! Wish I had Primark near me :/ That skirt from New Look it's beautiful. Bea xx.

    1. I know the feeling, when I'm at uni the nearest Primark is about 2 hours away so I don't get the chance to go there very often! Aw glad you like it xxx