Friday, 21 November 2014

Halloween Part 2

Oh hey there! Can you believe it's only 9 days til December? What's going on here!? I can't keep up, which is why I'm still stuck in October mode, so here's Part 2 of my Halloween outfit!

I recently posted a Halloween Part 1 of my more subtle Halloween make-up, but for my uni zombie party the next day I wanted to go full out with the face paint. As it's my last year at uni, and therefore my last Halloween student party, I wanted gore, blood, scariness, the whole works, so I decided to go as a zombie clown! Admittedly, I was nowhere near as scary as some of the Halloween pictures I found on Pinterest, but for someone who hasn't played with face paint in a long time I was pretty pleased with the outcome! You can see where I got my inspiration from and read my instructions on how to create this look in my Halloween Pinspiration post.

Unfortunately, I don't have any clown clothes lying around, so decided to keep it simple and wear my black lace skater dress and some knee high striped socks, keeping my hair naturally crazy and messy. I also decided to recreate some scary, blood splatter effect nails, which, after some trial and error, turned out pretty effective in my opinion! Again, you can read how to achieve this effect in my Halloween Pinspiration post.

 And that's it! Time to start planning next year's Halloween costume... 

Love, Beth xxx

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