Monday, 24 November 2014

Winter Home Wishlist

One more month (plus 1 day) til Christmas!

But you don't need to rely on just Christmas decorations to make your home perfect for Winter. Through the combination of cushions, candles and faux fur, you can easily achieve that comforting, cozy feel for those chilly nights in. Here are my picks for achieving the perfect Winter home interior!

1. Wolf Faux Fur Throw -  £25, George Home at ASDA
2. Cow Cushion -  £7, George Home at ASDA
3. Wooden Letter Rack - £8, George Home at ASDA
4. Metal House Lantern in White - £8, F&F at Tesco

1. Birdcage String Lights - £10, George Home at ASDA
2. Photographic Stag Cushion - £10, Tesco
5. Ornate Antique Frame in White - £8, Urban Outfitters

1. White and Silver Knit Throw -  £20, George Home at ASDA
2. Dotty Bear Hot Water Bottle - £12.50, ASOS
4. Reindeer Tealight - £2.50, Tesco
5. Knitted Stag's Head - £12, George Home at ASDA

2. Lantern String Lights - £15, George Home at ASDA
3. Wolf Faux Fur Cushion - £10, George Home at ASDA

What are your staple pieces for your Winter home? 

Love, Beth xxx 


  1. Love these items as those look all so cozy and comfy.


  2. I love decorating for Christmas! Everything is so cozy.


    1. Me too! It's my favourite time of the year :) xxx

  3. I love Yankee candles! They make everything smell so nice :P

    Have a nice day :)
    Aimie from The Channel Of Creation

    1. They really do! I'd definitely recommend the Apple Spiced Potpourri one I've listed on here, smells so nice! I haven't tried the marshmallow one yet but I've heard good things about it :) xxx

  4. Love the lantern in the first picture :) So many nice things out around this time of year :) x

    1. It's cute, isn't it?! There really are :) xxx