Thursday, 29 January 2015

Picnic, Falmouth

Down in Falmouth we are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to good cafes and I'm making it my goal to visit each and every one of them (so far I'm doing a good job!). To take a well deserved break from university work, my flatmate and I decided to pop into Picnic for a warming drink and some yummy food.

As soon as you walk into Picnic you instantly feel at home, with the attentive staff welcoming you straight away with a warm smile and a friendly "hello". I love the relaxed, cosy feeling of Picnic, with cakes and pasties proudly displayed on the counter, shelves of traditional Cornish preserves lining the back wall, and rustic wooden tables, benches and floor boards.
For quite a small cafe, there's an incredible amount on offer! From sandwiches to soups to pasties, there's definitely something for everyone. For my drink I decided to go for a Winter Warmer, one I'd tried a couple of months ago but couldn't resist having again. A cup of steamed milk with a swirl of chocolate, ginger and chilli, perfect for a cold winter day!
I'm trying to be a bit more adventurous with my food, so decided to have the special sandwich of the day - roasted duck and mango chutney in a fresh ciabatta roll. On paper the combination of mango and duck seemed like an interesting one, but it definitely works; the added 'zing' from the chutney was delicious! And a side of coleslaw and rocket with dressing, yum yum! My only criticism is I would have preferred the ciabatta roll warm, but that's just personal preference and definitely not a deal breaker when a sandwich tastes this good!
Altogether, my drink and sandwich came to just under £9 with student discount. It's not the cheapest of lunch options but with locally sourced ingredients and healthy portion sizes you definitely get your money's worth. This was my second visit to Picnic and I know I'll be showing my face there again soon!

Check out this beast of brownie I picked up from Good Vibes Cafe for dessert! Blueberry and white chocolate, delicious! Good Vibes, you're next on my visit list...

I think I treat myself too much!

Love, Beth xxx

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