Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Eden Project, Cornwall

Aside from the amazing coastal scenery of breath-taking beaches and cliffs, the Eden Project is one of Cornwall's most famous and recognizable landmarks. It's been on my Cornish "to visit" list for years since I started university, so on a sunny Spring day, we finally paid it a visit!

The outdoor gardens were bursting with bright yellow daffodils - an uplifting sight after months of miserable winter rain. There's plenty to see outside, from sculptures big and small, to adorable branch archways and huts! As we were visiting in March, the flowers were only just starting to appear so the dens were still quite bare, but I imagine it's beautiful when they're in full bloom! There's also the educational Core centre, housing interactive displays explaining the ecosystem, art exhibitions, and a huge granite sculpture of a seed.

The Mediterranean Biome

First up was the bright and colourful Mediterranean Biome, containing over 1000 plants, flowers and trees from the Mediterranean, South Africa and California! With a dry and warm temperature, it felt like we were on holiday abroad, not in rainy Cornwall (although we were lucky with some sunny weather for once!).

The Rainforest Biome

I absolutely love jungle style gardens, with huge towering palm trees, overgrown plants and bamboo galore - it just feels like an adventure walking through! So, needless to say, the rainforest biome was definitely my favourite part of the Eden Project, housing the world's biggest rainforest in captivity, complete with pools, waterfalls and a canopy walkway to overlook it all above the treetops! I loved the adorable wooden hut hidden amongst the trees - when can I move in??

If you're ever visiting Cornwall, then definitely consider visiting the Eden Project and experience Mediterranean flowers and rainforest heat without leaving the country! For cheaper tickets you can book online prior to your visit, and if you donate your ticket payment then you receive a year's free membership for unlimited visits at no cost! 
Have you ever been to the Eden Project?

Love, Beth xxx

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