Saturday, 21 March 2015

Good Vibes Cafe, Falmouth

With a reputation of being the "best cafe in Falmouth", I had high expectations from Good Vibes Cafe, and although two previous failed attempts of visiting due to no tables being available were a bit frustrating, they proved it's popularity! So after finally managing to get a table, I was excited to see what everyone was raving about!

Good Vibes is quite small so it gets crowded very easily, especially from the queue of people at the counter ordering food to both eat in and take out. However, if the bottom floor is too busy for you, there is a quieter second floor available. Good Vibes is all about a cosy, laid back and relaxed atmosphere, whether you're meeting up with friends over coffee or popping in for a yummy sandwich, and the rustic decor really highlights that, with shabby chic tables, quirky artwork on the walls and cakes lined up on the counter (always the first thing my eyes are drawn to!). The staff are also very friendly and welcoming, and the dedication of the owners to create delicious food is obvious, consistently posting mouth-watering photos of sandwiches and salads on their Instagram account.  
For drinks I went for a hot chocolate, which arrived promptly after ordering. Deliciously rich and chocolatey, just how a hot chocolate should be, with a little bit extra added from the one marshmallow stolen off my friend!
For food I decided to go for the bacon, cream cheese and maple syrup bagel. Not only did it look incredible, the combination of fillings was amazing, with a perfect blend of sweet, salty and creamy. It's safe to say I now know what all the fuss is about with Good Vibes; the food is simply delicious!

My hot chocolate cost £2.50, while my bagel cost £4.50, and both were well worth it! As Good Vibes Cafe gets very busy around peak times (mainly midday), there are often not any tables available. They do however have the option of take out for a cheaper price. After my failed attempts at visiting, we made sure we got there earlier at around 11:00am to get a two person table upstairs, but it was already very busy. I was originally planning on getting a sandwich, but unfortunately they are only served after midday. I guess that means I will just have to visit again....

Until next time Good Vibes!

Love, Beth xxx

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