Saturday, 11 April 2015

Easter Cake Pops (with cake pop maker!)

In my Easter Pinspiration post I mentioned how I got a cake pop maker for Christmas which I was intrigued to try out, so for Easter Sunday I decided to make some cute Easter cake pops!

Apologies for the awful photography and paper stand, I forgot to take photos of my pops until the evening and my phone camera doesn't handle bad lighting very well!
I still don't quite understand how this cake pop maker bakes the batter so fast - it only takes 5 minutes to create yummy cake pops! The maker is made up of two heated plates with indented domes on the stand and on the lid. Simply pour your cake batter into the holes on the stand, close the lid, wait, and voila! You'll be left with little cake balls - magic! It was quite trial and error, with my first attempts looking more like little U.F.O's, but I soon got the hang of it!
To decorate I dipped the cooled cake pops into some melted white chocolate to fully cover them. Once the chocolate had set I then put my icing skills to the test, creating pretty patterns using gel icing pens and sugar butterflies. I also tried to make a few little chicks, experimenting with coloured fondant icing to make the eyes, beak and wings, and drawing the feet on with gel icing. They weren't exactly what I was hoping for but cute nonetheless!
If you're looking for a quick and fun way to make cake pops, then I'd definitely recommend a cake pop maker - you can buy this one from Tesco for just £16! Alternatively, if you want to make cake pops without a maker, simply bake a cake in a square tin, cut into squares, crumble and roll into balls (here's a useful step by step guide). But for now, I'm looking forward to trying out different flavours in my little cake pop maker!

Happy baking!

Love, Beth xxx


  1. Interesting. I've always wondered about these, do you just fill them with regular cake batter? Lovely decorations.

    1. Yep, I just used a plain cupcake batter. I've always been a bit sceptic about stuff like this, like doughnut makers etc, but it worked surprisingly well! Thank you :) xxx