Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easter Baking Pinspiration

Easter Sunday is just a couple of days away, so I've been looking for some inspiration on Pinterest for some special Easter bakes! Cue lots of cute, animal-themed cakes....
If you're after an Easter showstopper cake, then look no further! Such a simple design but so very pretty!
I've never made macarons before, but would love to give them a go some day! And any food product in the shape of a cute animal gets a thumbs up from me!
I love cakes that have a special surprise hidden inside them!
For Christmas I received a cake pop maker which I'm excited to try out, so this Easter I've decided to make some cute Easter-themed cake pops! Although these adorable little chicks are actually made out of Rice Krispie balls dipped in chocolate, they would be perfect for cake pops, or even just marshmallows if you want a really quick and easy treat!
Another cake pop idea... these little guys are so adorable! Or alternatively you could use stuffed hard-boiled eggs to make a savoury snack, a la these little egg chicks here.
I love bee-themed things and these happy chappies are no exception! I love the use of halved white chocolate buttons as wings!
Last year for Easter I made lemon biscuits (see post here), but would be keen to try out these cute little lemon chick cookies!

What are you favourite Easter bakes?

Love, Beth xxx

(Disclaimer: images taken from my Pinterest account, I claim no ownership)


  1. All of these goodies are making my mouth water! I'm really in the baking mood as well and I can't wait for easter! Tabitha xx xx