Sunday, 21 May 2017

Yasou, Santorini!

Santorini has one of the most recognisable views in the world. Even if you haven't heard of the name before, there's no doubt that you've probably seen the pictures on Instagram. And it's really no surprise - it's without a doubt one of the most picturesque places I've ever been. With the perfect whitewashed buildings and unmistakable blue domes all perched high above the sparkling caldera, there's no view quite like Santorini's!

However, with the beautiful views comes a hefty price tag. Popular with celebrities and loved-up honeymooners, I had come to the conclusion that Santorini would remain a dream on my travel bucket-list for many, many more years. AirBnB to the rescue! If you're visiting Santorini on a budget, then I can highly recommend Ersi Villas - clean, friendly and a short walk from the centre of the bustling capital of Fira, what more could you want? With May being off-season, prices are naturally lower, but a week in a lovely apartment for under 200 euros per person? That's an absolute bargain!

So along with my summer clothes and a good friend, we escaped the grey and drizzly London weather and jetted off somewhere a bit sunnier!
Arriving in the afternoon, we dropped off our bags and immediately took to exploring the streets of Fira. One of the best things about Santorini is you can wander aimlessly for hours through narrow alleys, up and down numerous steps (and trust me, there's a lot), and you'll always end up finding something beautiful.
All those steps really are worth it though when you're rewarded with views like these...
Diving straight into the Greek way of life, we found a spot to sit back, relax and watch the world go by wine in hand and nibbles aplenty.
Tzatziki, tomato balls and stuffed vine leaves to name a few, all topped off with a half litre carafe of local white wine! Well, it would be rude not to, right?
Cheers, Santorini! Here's to a week filled with good food, lots of wine, and many Greek adventures...

Love, Beth xxx

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