Friday, 7 July 2017

Skaros Rock, Imerovigli

If you go to Santorini you will no doubt do a lot of walking. Unless you plan on spending your time relaxing in the pool, and hey, if you're lucky enough to have these views then I don't blame you!

But if you're more of an explorer like myself, then Santorini is full of little nooks and crannies for you to wander through.

After a lively introduction to Santorini's nightlife, I woke up the next day feeling rather sorry for myself. But the day was beckoning, so after a much needed nap I threw on some shades and we wandered up to the next town of Imerovigli.

Or rather crawled... Heat plus hangover is not the best combination! Nothing an ice cream can't sort out though.

Feeling slightly perkier, we explored the maze of white-washed paths and soaked up our perfect surroundings.

Never have I been to a place where I've felt like I'd stepped straight into a magazine more. Everything in Imerovigli is impossibly pristine: the gleaming white paint; the impeccable fuschia flowers perfectly positioned on the walls; and of course those incredible views overlooking the glistening caldera. Combined with the cloudless sunny sky and it's almost too perfect to be real!

While Oia is often thought of as the place to honeymoon in Santorini, in Imerovigli you get a sense of calm solitude like nowhere else I experienced on the island. We barely passed another soul as we wandered along the narrow paths, and the majority of the few we did wouldn't look out of place in that magazine. Certainly put my hungover self to shame!

After weaving in and out of numerous alleys, we began the descent to our destination of the day: Skaros Rock.

Without much shade it is a pretty tough-going walk down countless steps to the rock, even worse with the knowledge you have to climb back up them later! Throw in the relentless sun and a lingering hangover for good measure. Though these views more than made up for it!

Once you are out on the rock you are rewarded with beautiful panoramic views over the island and its surrounding caldera. Continue walking down the other side of the rock and you'll find an adorable little church where you can sit and look out to the endless sea. Quite a walk for your Sunday service!

Fira is just as pretty from afar as it is within...

One last glance back across the caldera and its sleeping volcano before the slow journey back up those steps....

.... And to bed for a well earned early night!

Love, Beth xxx

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