Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Meat Counter, Falmouth

Mmmm burgers... Yes yes I'm well aware that the majority of my food reviews are about burgers but what can I say, I love a good burger!

If you asked the locals of Falmouth what their favourite burger joint is, odds are they'll probably say The Meat Counter. It's become so popular these days that it has extended from a tiny room with just a couple of tables and overtaken the shop next door, providing a more spacious restaurant dining experience. But the extension hasn't lost the quirky, cosy feeling of the original Meat Counter that makes it so special.

As soon as you walk in you are greeted with the delicious aromas of cooking burgers and are instantly welcomed by the friendly staff. We were seated straight away in a cosy booth close by to the counter and kitchen (our clothes still smelt like burgers when we got home... totally worth it), and browsed the menu artistically written across the wall. There's a burger, or hot dog, for everyone at The Meat Counter, and don't be fooled by the name, they have vegetarian options that could even sway a meat lover such as myself! As pulled pork seems to have become my staple burger ingredient nowadays, I decided to try the BBQ 50/50 Burger: beef patty, slow cooked pork shoulder, garlic mayo, house made BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickled red onions.
A visual culinary masterpiece. Now for the downfall... Although this was a delicious burger, it just didn't taste like BBQ. The meat, both beef and pork, was cooked to perfection, and the fresh bun was top notch, but the house made BBQ sauce combined with the garlic mayo tasted a bit like... hoisin? Definitely unexpected and ever so slightly odd. Sadly, this burger didn't make it onto the list of my favourites, but, having visited The Meat Counter in the past, I know just how delicious their burgers can be! We also ordered a portion of chips (one portion turns out to be enough for two people) while my drink of choice was the Sticky Toffee milkshake. Definitely for someone with a sweet tooth, the milkshake was delicious and tasted like toffee ice cream, I just wish I had more (stop being greedy, Beth). But the chips. With a sprinkling of rosemary salt, the chips were definitely my favourite part. Crispy, salty, perfect!
- Apologies for terrible photo - 

My burger came to £7.50, while the milkshake was £3.50 and a portion of chips £2. Overall, not an unreasonable price in my opinion considering just how delicious the food is! Top tip: on Mondays you can get 2 burgers for £10, there's one deal I'll definitely be taking advantage of! So, despite the rather strange turn of events with a hoisin flavour burger, I'll be making many more visits to The Meat Counter!

Happy eating!

Love, Beth xxx

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