Sunday, 26 July 2015

Porthchapel Beach, Cornwall

I've always believed that some of the most special beaches are the hidden ones. You know, the tucked away beaches where you have to get your rock-climbing, adventurous mind in set and clamber down a cliff to get to. So when we wondered upon this beachy oasis of Porthchapel Beach on a coastal walk from Porthcurno (see the post here), of course we couldn't resist having a closer look!

With the path down to the beach destroyed by a rock slide, we carefully climbed down the big pile of boulders, mainly on all fours. The wobbly descent was well worth it though as soon as we jumped down onto the sand and saw the peaceful beach before us.
The water's lovely, come on in!
It wasn't long before we were joined by a Cornish friend.
 Don't have a towel with you? No worries, take a seat on a rock and let the sun dry you off!
Always jumping at the chance to release my inner monkey...
 Soft sand, shining sun, clear blue sea - just how a beach is supposed to be!
Have you discovered any hidden beaches before?

Love, Beth xxx