Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Gylly Beach Cafe, Falmouth

I may be back in Surrey but I still have plenty of Cornish gems for you all! If you're a regular reader, you may have seen the above photo appear a few times on my blog as well as my Instagram, so I decided it was high time to fill you in on where you can find these delicious hot chocolates with a view!

Situated on Falmouth's most popular beach, Gylly Beach, lies the equally popular Gylly Beach Cafe. A favourite for many Falmouth locals and visitors (including Reiss), this isn't your regular cafe. Not only does it have one of the best views in town, but it fulfills everyone's needs: breakfast, lunch, dinner, cake, champagne on tap, you name it, they have it. During the summer months you are treated to an open-air grill, filling the outside air with delicious aromas, whilst in the winter everyone raves about the "Roast on the Coast". But it doesn't stop at food; during the evenings the cafe-cum-restaurant is transformed into a bar, with regular sell-out events promoting brilliant live music from local bands. Gylly Beach Cafe is all about good views, good times, and relaxing vibes.   
What better way to study for university than with a bucket of thick cut chips and a slab of millionaire's shortbread?
Or how about a pot of tea?

Feeling a little worse for wear after all the fun of the graduation ball (read the post here), Reiss and I headed to Gylly Beach Cafe for some much needed hangover-recovery food. Although I had visited the cafe many times before, I had never tried out their lunch menu, so was keen to taste some of their food that wasn't cake! Reiss decided to go for the Atlantic Prawn Sandwich with sweet chilli, lime and coriander mayo on farmhouse bread with Cornish butter and dressed baby leaves for £6.95. Although I was tempted by the sandwich, my slightly hungover self was craving some meat, so I went for the ginormous plate of Gylly Pulled Pork Nachos for £7.50: low and slow braised Cornish pork with crisp tortillas, mild cheddar, jalapeno peppers, salsa and coriander sour cream. As I usually associate nachos with being a shared dish, I wasn't too sure if this was meant for one person, but feeling greedy I managed to eat most of it myself!
A sunny presentation on a slightly drizzly day; makes me hungry just looking at it! Although there was slightly too much cheese for my liking (which is something I never thought I'd say about cheese), it was delicious and definitely satisfied my hungover cravings for comfort food!
Come rain or shine, day or night, Gylly Beach Cafe is sure to stay firm as one of Falmouth's favourite spots to catch a bite to eat or hot chocolate to sip with a beautiful view! I'll certainly miss having it on my doorstep.

Do you have a favourite restaurant or cafe with a view? I'd love to hear about it, comment below!

Love, Beth xxx

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