Monday, 6 July 2015

Porthcurno, Cornwall

Almost every time I visit a new beach in Cornwall for the first time I gasp in awe and proclaim that it's my new favourite beach. The wonderful thing about Cornwall is that it never fails to provide that sense of wonder whenever I explore it. However, the other week Cornwall really outdid itself with beautiful weather and beautiful scenery, and once more I found myself a new favourite beach, although it's probably going to be a hard one to beat. Let me introduce to you my new slice of paradise: Porthcurno.

Located in West Cornwall, Porthcurno is a natural oasis of white sand and crystal clear turquoise water, snuggled in between a shelter of cliffs either side. Who needs a holiday abroad when we have beaches like this right here in England?!
 The perfect place to lie back, top up your tan and forget all your worries.
Of course we couldn't resist jumping in! Shout out to my £16 disposable underwater camera from Boots.
In case you're wondering that is a failed underwater handstand. As you do.
Although it certainly looks like you could be on a Greek island, the cool water and sea breeze quickly reminded us that we were definitely still in England. Time for a lemon, orange and lime cake and hot chocolate from Porthcurno Beach Cafe to warm up!
 We walked back through the gardens and onwards to the beach to continue exploring.
We ascended up the steep rocky steps in the side of the cliff to the open-air Minack Theatre, watching the beach get smaller and smaller beneath us whilst the views got more and more breathtaking.
With ancient-style stone architecture blending in with the natural settings, you'd be forgiven if you thought you'd been transported to Greece!
Up here the view is pretty nice...
We finally reached the top! Although we didn't go into the theatre as we didn't want to pay the entry prices (still on student budgets remember!) the view was spectacular enough!
My love of flowers has certainly turned into a bit of an obsession ever since I moved to Cornwall, but with bright and colourful tropical plants and flowers such as these can you really blame me?
 Just look at that water... Nature doesn't get much more beautiful than this!
What's your favourite beach?

Love, Beth xxx