Friday, 29 April 2016

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

At 3am our alarms went off and I groggily slumped out of bed, looking back and longing to re-wrap myself up in those warms sheets. But by 3:50am there we were, dressed in layer upon layer of clothes with skis strapped onto our backs, standing in the dark, about to start our moonlit climb up the mountain to the top of Kappall.

Up we walked, weaving in and out along the loooong Nasserein toboggan run. Climbing up a seemingly endless snowy slope in ski boots? Not easy. Or comfortable. Hello, blisters. But hey, I don't give up easily. So on we went between the trees, until finally we reached the end of the run, walking onto the piste to be welcomed by the morning light starting to peek above the horizon.
Here we had to stop, as a miscalculation of how long was left until the top meant we would miss the sunrise. So we settled down at Gampen instead and waited for the sun to make its appearance. It's not quite Everest, but the views were still pretty amazing.
Unfortunately the other mountains got in the way of the actual sun, but it was still worth it to be in the peace and quiet of the mountains.
Eventually the cold started to get the better of us (we worked out it was probably around -15'C at this stage) and the clouds began moving in, so with sore feet, numb hands and frozen faces we skied our way back down on some deserted and freshly pisted runs, ready to start the day of work. Now that's what I call a morning commute!
Climbing a mountain? That's one ticked off the bucket list, even if we didn't quite make it to the top! I'll try again one day, but next time I think I'll leave the ski boots at home...

Love, Beth xx

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