Sunday, 1 May 2016

May Goals

Happy 1st of May! This year is flying by already! Now that I'm back to normality, it's time to sort out my life and start making plans. Although I haven't quite figured out "the bigger picture" just yet, I always find making smaller goals are a good way to put some sense of order and control back into your life. Plus, everyone loves the satisfaction of ticking things off your to do list!

1. Learn to cook from scratch
It pains me to admit it, but at the age of 22, I still can't cook anything where the main component doesn't come from a jar. Pretty shameful, right? I've got recipe after recipe of delicious, healthy meals saved on Pinterest, and an army of recipe books stored in the cupboards, so I'm all ready to go! Of course I'll let you all in on any good recipes, and the bad ones? Well, the less said the better...

2. Become a morning person
This seems to have been one of my top goals ever since uni messed up my body clock, but this month I have a good feeling about it! After months of having to wake up at 6:30am multiple times a week, my body is still in early-riser mode, and I'm desperate to keep it that way! I'm thinking early morning walks and pretty sunrise pictures are the way forward...

3. Make a season scrapbook
I made so many memories and met so many great people over in Austria, so I need a more permanent way to document it all other than Facebook. Plus I feel physical photo albums are a dying art that need reviving.

4. Travel plans
It's time for some new adventures and see what the big wide world has to offer! Whilst my financial situation means it's unlikely I'll be going anywhere any time soon, it's best to start planning early.

5. Visit somewhere new on my own
Seeing as I'm currently planning on going travelling solo, I need to get used to going to new places on my own. I think it's best to take baby steps, so this month I want to visit and explore a city somewhere in the UK completely on my lonesome.

Have you got any goals for this month?

Love, Beth xxx

(Disclaimer: images taken from my Pinterest account, I claim no ownership)

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