Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Blue Skies

The best days in St. Anton have to be, without doubt, the days just after a massive snowfall. The snow has been falling incessantly, the mountains have been in a complete white out, but suddenly, one morning, you wake up, and what's that? Sun? Blue skies?? In January?? It's time to get up those mountains and enjoy that fresh powder!

What's more magical than seeing untouched snow sparkle under the sun?

Bluebird days are perfect for finding a quiet spot off-piste within the trees, jumping down into a pile of powder, and having a picnic of sandwiches and cider, all whilst topping up your tan!

Don't be deceived by the sunshine and glowing snow though, it was still a face numbing -12'C when these pictures were taken. But the colder it is, the longer the snow will stay. Always a silver lining!
What are your favourite ski days?

Love, Beth xxx

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