Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday Smiles #3 // Summer celebrations!

It's that time of year again - the Garden Party!! I've spent the day feeling rather sorry for myself after an evening of dancing, giggles, and far too much alcohol, so what better way to cheer myself up than with this week's Sunday Smiles? It's a good 'un!

- Costa strawberries and cream cooler -

Strawberries and cream, the ultimate summer combo!

- Good food -

My housemates and I decided to go for a spontaneous meal out, so visited one of the many fish and chips restaurants in Falmouth - Harbour Lights. It's only a little place, but the nautical decor is adorable and the views over the harbour are beautiful. I decided to tuck into calamari and chips - delicious!

- Horsing around -

I've only been horse riding once where I was really young and have always wanted to give it another go, so when I saw my uni offering a horse riding lesson for just £6 I signed up straight away! I was soon walking and trotting around a cute little barn on a beautiful horse named Sky - not a bad start to the day!

 - Volvic strawberry water -

So yummy!

- Retail therapy -

I treated myself maybe a little too much this week and bought myself some goodies. Expect a fashion post soon!

- The Garden Party! -

After months of preparation and searching for a dress, we finally had our annual end of year celebration - the Garden Party! It was just as wonderful as I expected, full of sunshine, Pimm's, fireworks and carousels! I'll be writing a post on it soon, but for the meantime, here's a sneak peek!

 What made you smile this week?

Love, Beth xxx


  1. I love horse riding, I have only done it a couple of times but all in all I love it :) was a lovely post beth :) hope you're well xx

    1. It was so much fun, definitely going again when I get the chance! Aw thank youu glad you liked it! You too :) xxx

  2. I was in England for a month last summer. I miss Costa so much! xx

    1. Ah cool, I didn't even realise that Costa was just a British thing! xxx