Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Smiles #4 // A New Face!

It's been another fun filled week, complete with quite a few changes! The sun is still shining, so I'm still smiling :)

- Coasteering Round Two -

After coasteering last month (as mentioned in my first Sunday Smiles post) I couldn't wait to do it again so applied straight away when my uni offered another session. This time we headed the opposite direction down the coastline and went around Pendennis Point, where we scrambled across rocks, climbed along vertical walls, shuffled down holes into the sea, and eventually ended at Pendennis Point's famous cliff jumping site. It was a lot higher (and scarier) than where I last went cliff jumping, but I grit my teeth and leaped away. I had to the draw the line though at the highest jump which involved leaping across over the rocks in order to avoid hitting them, but was very proud of myself that I build up enough courage to do the second highest jump!

- Kayaking -

At Swanpool Beach you can hire out a kayak for an hour for just a tenner, so on Tuesday we paid our money and paddled our way out to sea! The water was incredibly calm that day, allowing us to just bob along and explore the coast with the sun shining down on us. We got a huge surprise though when we caught sight of a beast in the waters - a barrel jellyfish! I've never really seen a jellyfish in the sea before so to see one that looked like it belonged in an aquarium was surreal to say the least! Although it was pretty intimidating, it was amazing to see something so strange serenely floating by in the water.

 - Finally doing that move in pole -

For weeks and weeks I have been trying to do an overhead move in pole fit but have come to no avail, until this week that is when I finally FINALLY managed to do it! I was only able to do it once despite numourous more attempts after, but for that moment I was so proud of myself for finally proving that it wasn't impossible!

- Sunbathing -

The sun was still out in full force this week, which means there has been plenty of sunbathing on the beach - perfect!

 - Funny sunburn lines -

However, with the sunbathing has come some not so perfect consequences... the mother of all sunburns. But hey, when they're such ridiculous lines and shapes you can't help but laugh (FYI, don't wear high waisted shorts when sunbathing in a bikini top, it will result in a red line across your stomach and back).

- Falmouth exhibition -

Following all their hardwork and deadlines Falmouth University are currently having their exhibitions displaying the students' works, so I decided to go along and have a look at some. Everyone's work was amazing and has clearly had so much thought put behind them, showcasing just how much talent there is in Falmouth!

- Fun fair! -

I absolutely love the fair, so when I saw a little one visiting Falmouth for a short time I was delighted that my housemate finally agreed to go with me after days of pestering. It was unbelievably empty, but that just made it seem like we'd hired out the whole fair for ourselves! We had a (pretty violent) drive on the dodgems, got spun around on rides, walked through the crazy cottage and feasted on multicoloured slushies and candyfloss until we felt sick and had to go home. Some people never learn!
- Child friendly prizes... -

- Introducing Bambino -

We have a new addition to the house! Say "hello" to my little Bambino! After winning all my previous goldfish at fun fairs I was determined to keep up tradition, winning Bambino at one of Falmouth's fairground stalls. For anyone wondering about the name, I decided on it after noticing his little black moustache, instantly making him Italian in my eyes (Bambino is Italian for 'baby boy'). I've been keeping a close eye on him while he's been settling into his newly decorated home, so hopefully he'll be sticking around for a long time!


Wow! I've passed the 250 mark on Bloglovin! Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me, it means so much and has put a big fat smile on my face :)

- Exam results! -

Eeeeek! Friday the 13th was the dreaded day... results day! Whoever decided to release them on that date was just mean in my opinion. But thankfully the results were good, a 2:1 in fact! I couldn't be more happy (or relieved)!!

Phew, that was a long post! I guess I've just been having a lot to smile about recently :)

What made you smile this week?

Love, Beth xxx

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