Monday, 21 July 2014

Sunday Smiles #7 // Old Faces

Woops, it's Monday... how did that happen?! Here's what made me smile this last week!

- Sweet treat - 

Welcomed home from a long day of work with a cup of tea and vanilla cupcake - perfect!

  - Catch up! - 

I was finally able to have some days off from work so took the opportunity to have a much needed catch up with friends, most of whom I haven't seen since Easter! Nothing better than a good little gossip with old friends over food and drinks.

- Hot hot hot - 

The weather has been amazing this week - perfect excuse for a picnic in the park!

- Stormy - 

Sun by day, storms by night - what's going on, England?! I love hearing the sound of rain and the low rumble of thunder when I'm all tucked up in bed.

 - Bowling and arcade games - 

Reliving my early teens in my early twenties! And I didn't come last at bowling which is also a plus.

Because burgers are just the best.

- Happy hour! - 

A few A lot of yummy cocktails at B@1 in Monument, London. Try the Irish Disco Biscuit, effectively a crushed Oreo milkshake with alcohol, need I say more?!

Sorry I've been rubbish on the photo front, I promise I'll be better this week!

What made you smile last week?

Love, Beth xxx

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