Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sunday Smiles #6 // Home time!

First things first, apologies for not posting last week's Sunday Smiles, but I've been ever so busy packing up all my stuff after finishing my second year at uni. So here's a round up of not only what made me smile this week, but what also made me smile last week!

- BBQ on the beach - 

My first BBQ on the beach! And we somehow managed to keep those pesky seagulls away...

- Ice cream on the beach - 

Caramel crunch, yum!

- Spa day - 

You never need an excuse for a bit of pampering!

 - Moving house - 

Although it was sad packing up my room and saying goodbye to my second year house, when one door closes another one opens! I have been incredibly lucky to bag this flat for my final year at uni and intend to make the most of it. Just look how beautiful the view outside my bedroom is!

 - Seal sanctuary - 

I first visited the Cornish Seal Sanctuary years ago when I was much younger and have been desperate to go back ever since, so when my parents came to stay a couple of days in Falmouth this week they agreed to go with me. Seals were my favourite animal when I was younger, so this little trip definitely rekindled my love for them! It was so much fun watching the seals swim around, as well as watching the otters snooze, the sea lions perform tricks, and the penguins be fed.

 - Thai Orchid

Not only is the food delicious, but the decor is beautiful. A definite gem of a restaurant in Falmouth.

Going to a flower garden when you're suffering from hayfever probably isn't the best idea, but that still didn't cover up how beautiful these gardens are. The jungle one was definitely my favourite!

- Cocktails - 

A few (too many) cocktails in the sunshine - what better way to be welcomed home for the summer?!

 What made you smile this week?

Love, Beth xxx


  1. Those cocktails looks lovely, what were they? I can't get over how amazing the view is out of your room either - good luck with your final year of uni. I just graduated yesterday - so I guess that's made me pretty happy hah! x

    1. They were called Blue Brazil Zombie and Soleros, part of the limited Carnival menu at Slug and Lettuce! You should definitely give them a try while the menu's still available, especially the Soleros one, they taste good! Aw thank you so much and congratulations on graduating!! Just had a peak at your blog by the way, I really love it, you've got a new follower :) xxx