Monday, 15 June 2015

Harbour Lights, Falmouth

Every seaside town has an abundance of fish and chip shops, and everyone will have their personal favourites. In Cornwall, it's no different. With Rick Stein's fish and chips gradually taking over Cornwall (Padstow is even nicknamed 'Padstein' - go visit and you'll understand why!), the fish and chip industry is as fierce a competition as the pasty industry. However, in Falmouth there's only one winner for me: Harbour Lights! I'm not actually a huge fan of fish and chips, or fish in general for that matter. However, with Harbour Lights' menu going beyond just the classic cod (although of course they have that too), there's something for everyone here!

If you fancy taking your fish and chips out to eat on the beach, then no worries, Harbour Lights does take away. However, if you prefer a dining experience, the newly renovated restaurant behind the take away section has plenty of seating with stunning views. Staying true to it's name, Harbour Lights is situated right on the harbour side, offering picturesque views of the boats peacefully bobbing up and down on the sea. The decor fits perfectly with its seaside location, decorated beautifully with nautical themes and topped off with a string of lights covering the ceiling, whilst the atmosphere is calm and relaxed, with the smiley and attentive staff putting you at ease from the moment you step through the door.

Whenever I go out for meals, I like to vary what I eat and try different dishes. However, at Harbour Lights I go against my belief of trying something new and stick to just one dish: calamari. No regrets, I am obsessed with calamari. And at Harbour Lights it is probably some of the best calamari I have tasted, with the light and crisp batter cooked to perfection whilst avoiding the grease common with fish and chips (this is also the same for their fish). I like to have mine with spoonful upon spoonful of tartar sauce - yum! This photo was taken last year; they have since started using quirky fish-shaped plates which I am convinced allows for bigger portions!
However, my last visit to Harbour Lights forced me out of my calamari comfort zone when they informed me they had run out of my favourite dish. I have been tempted to try their fish cakes in the past, which they regularly change the flavours of, so this time I decided to try their cod and prawn fishcakes, asking for some sweet chilli dip on the side. Although calamari still stands firm at top place as my favourite dish (although admittedly that will be a hard battle to ever beat), the fish cakes were still delicious, and went perfectly with the sweet chilli dip.

And the best part about Harbour Lights? If you're still feeling hungry from their huge portions, you can ask for a top up of chips at no charge! Score!

Where is your favourite place for fish and chips?

Love, Beth xxx

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