Friday, 26 June 2015

12 Strange Things That Will Probably Happen At University

Last month I wrote a post called "10 Things You'll Learn at University". One extra thing to add onto that list is that university is an odd place. For most people, it's the first time you've moved away from home and had to fend for yourself. As a result, it's inevitable that you will encounter some strange things.
1. You'll have a strange collection of memorabilia from nights out

Most of the time you'll not be quite sure where you got these from. But for sentiments sake, they will remain in your room, a reflection of that night out you can't really remember.

2. You'll develop an obsession with one random food

Before you came to university you probably had an average liking for this food. At university this will grow to an absolute necessity, and when you run out of this food you'll feel lost. Mine is mayonnaise.

3. You'll experiment with your meals

One day you'll have a burst of creative spontaneity and decide to create a weird and wonderful culinary masterpiece. 90% of the time it will be terrible. I'm looking at you, marmite pasta.
 4. The club friend

This is the person that you bump into almost every night out and you are absolutely ecstatic to see each other like long lost best friends. During the day though you'll be lucky to give and receive an awkward smile.

5. Your food will disappear

Sometimes you'll know exactly who is to blame. But sometimes you won't. You'll begin to question both your sanity and the existence of paranormal activity. Most likely you just drunkenly ate it after a night out.

6. You'll develop a loving relationship with a particular item of crockery

This could be a certain plate, bowl or mug. Whatever it is, it just feels right using it and so wrong when someone else does.

7. There will be angry post-it notes everywhere

Passive aggression at it's finest.

8. You'll have random cleaning bursts

If you're going to clean, you will do it properly. Washing, bleaching, hoovering, all in one go. This will most likely happen when you have a deadline.

9. You'll have your money priorities slightly confused

£2.50 for cheese?? What's wrong with the world. £15 on a litre bottle of vodka?? Bargain!

10.  You'll have an existential crisis

Is this degree right for me? What am I going to do with my life? Who am I? These are questions you'll ask yourself a lot, most likely in third year. Welcome to the joys of entering the adult world!

11. You'll start to resemble an old person

Naps during the day, blankets during winter, countless cups of tea, quality day time TV. Contrary to the stereo-typical student image partying all the time, before you know it you've suddenly turned into your nan.

12. When you get to third year, you'll resent the freshers

But mainly because they're about to start 3 years that you would do anything to do all over again.

Do you or did you go to university? What were some of the strangest things you encountered?

Love, Beth xxx

(Disclaimer: images taken from Pinterest, Buzzfeed and Twitter, I claim no ownership)

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