Monday, 8 June 2015

Top 10 Things to do in Cornwall

The summer season is upon us, and that means holidays! Cornwall is an English hotspot for holiday goers, and after living in Cornwall for 3 years, I have compiled a list of what I personally believe everyone should do if they ever find themselves in Cornwall!

1. Eat a pasty
If you go to Italy, you eat pizza. If you go to Germany, you eat bratwurst. If you go to France, you eat snails (or maybe not... but I would recommend giving them a go!) So if you go to Cornwall, it would be madness not to try their traditional delicacy! Will you go for the classic steak? Lamb and mint? Or perhaps cheese and onion (please don't, they're an offense to the pasty's sacred name)? With over 100 pasty shops throughout Cornwall, you are spoilt for choice, but the real challenge is trying to find the best one! My advice is to resist the urge to go to chains such as Rowe's or Warrens, but instead try smaller, independent shops. Wherever you decide to go though, you're guaranteed it will be better than any soggy London train station pasty!

2. Get in the water

Unless you're visiting in winter, in which case you'll be forgiven for giving this one a miss. But if you're visiting during the summer season, you have no excuse! If you're not feeling brave enough to dive straight into the cool English waters, at least have a paddle in the shallows!

3. Explore
There are so many beautiful places in Cornwall to wander around like your typical tourist, from small villages to busier towns. But of course you couldn't visit Cornwall without experiencing the breathtaking coastline, and with many amazing places only accessible by foot, it's time for an adventure! 

4. Go to the beach
Cornwall is home to beaches that look like they're straight from the Caribbean. From little coves with white sand and tranquil clear blue water to long stretches of sand with waves made for surfing, there's a beach for everyone. Relax with a book, lie back and top up your tan, or perhaps bring a BBQ and have an outdoor feast (but check regulations first, and mind out for those pesky seagulls!)
5. Go to independent restaurants / cafes
As out of touch Cornwall may seem sometimes, there are still the typical chains, from Starbucks and Costa to Prezzo and Spoons. But you can get those anywhere! Instead try something different and opt for an independent restaurant or cafe with delicious homemade meals. Falmouth is full to the brim with amazing independent restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world, from Mexican to Thai to African. Take your pick!

6. Have an ice cream
 I mean proper Cornish clotted cream ice cream. Eat on the beach. Perfection!

7. Visit a garden
With lots of sunshine and equally lots of rain, Cornwall is home to some of the most beautiful tropical plants and flowers in England. This makes for some very impressive gardens, from The Eden Project (read my post about it here) to The Lost Gardens of Heligan. Wander around colourful walled gardens with beautiful bright flowers, or explore wild and overgrown jungles!

8. Watch sunset / sunrise on the beach
There's not much that is more relaxing than sitting on the beach with a cider in hand, or even going for a calm evening swim in the sea, peacefully watching the sun go down whilst wondering in awe at the beautiful colours in the sky. Or for those early risers, watching the sun go up (I have yet to wake up early enough to experience this, but it's on my list!).

9. Water sports
If it's action you're after, take one step further than sea swimming and try out some water sports! Explore the Cornish coast line from the water in a kayak or on a paddle board, or try your hand at surfing! There are places all over Cornwall where you can hire kayaks, paddle boards and surf boards from an hour to all day at very low prices! Or for those after more adrenaline, you can even do banana boating in Newquay! 

10. Go rock pooling
My childhood memories of holidays in Cornwall are full of days clambering around on rocks peering into big and small pools looking for all sorts of little sea creatures. Wait until the tide's out and go scrambling over rocks and see what you can find! And with an abundance of barrell jellyfish washing up on the shore at the moment, maybe you'll find something a bit larger than a crab!

Have you been to Cornwall? What are your favourite things to do here? 

Love, Beth xxx


  1. Great post, Cornwall is definitely on my list!

    Anika |

  2. I would love to go to cornwall, its on my bucket list =] Very nice pictures